The most comprehensive white label  solution.

TC-Gaming is constantly monitoring market dynamics and collecting, analyzing, organizing, innovating, and improving through market research and information. We provide expert industry advice to ensure that our clients' market segments are always expanding.

What is the white label gambling platform?

TC-Gaming is constantly monitoring market dynamics and collecting, analyzing, organizing, innovating, and improving through market research and information. We provide expert industry advice to ensure that our clients' market segments are always expanding.

What is TC-Gaming?

TC-Gaming is Asia's most experienced game white label gamlbling platform system provider. It has a 15-year track record of market reputation, popularity, and experience. It is also a provider of white label gambling platforms and API game interface services in the industry, with the goal of expanding into Southeast Asia and the global gambling market. The service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, India, Indonesia, Brunei, China, Myanmar, and other countries are included in our service area. What is more important than software/hardware technology is the market trust and reputation built over the last 15 years, which is TC-Gaming's core concept. Choosing TC-Gaming will undoubtedly bring you success in the development of diverse entertainment services.

Why choose TC-Gaming? has 16 major advantages. We deeply understand various operational needs, understand the needs of different markets for products, and have accumulated 15 years of system research and development results. The stable, reliable and powerful system architecture is in line with your various operating modes. , and provide you with the most reasonable price to start your business in the shortest time. provides all different terminal platforms, does not charge any hidden fees and no deposit. You can buy points by yourself at any time. How much you buy is up to you. You don't need to worry about any technical issues and expensive R&D costs, so you can focus more on operating the market.


15 years of industry credit

Credit and popularity not seen in 15 years


The richest three-way game

Tens of thousands of various slot machine games at one time, the most lottery games and gameplay in Asia

1000+ customers' trust

Thousands of users cooperate and trust, and they say yes after using it


7x24 personal advisory service

Specialized project service


Support multi-language platform

The prerequisites for entering the international market, helping you to open up the world  


Full terminal platform system

Including full terminal platform computer version, H5 version, APP mobile version iOS/Android full terminal platform


Start immediately in 10 minutes

Start your business in just 10 minutes


Flexible and comprehensive automatic proxy system

With only one-time configuration, you can have the agency function of automatic calculation and automatic distribution of rebates, dividends, commissions, wages, national agency and other systems.


Various reward modes

There are various reward modes such as points, lottery tickets, turntable games, registration, recharge, download, task, lottery, sign-in, etc.


Big Data AI Analysis

Provide you with various complete and comprehensive operation reports, real-time intelligent monitoring and alarm system to keep you away from potential risks


Buy points by yourself

How much to buy, no deposit required


Tailor-made exclusive design

Create your own brand style

What solutions does TCG White Label Gambling provide?

TC-Gaming's white label gambling service provides a full range of technical guidance and services for new business partners, saving partners the financial burden at the technical level and company construction level. Therefore, providing customers with a tailor-made white label gambling service project is our professional strength!

Integrated packet network

TC-Gaming has in-depth cooperation with many well-known manufacturers around the world, and customers can freely match game types according to different attributes and orientations. Give you more choices of games, including chess and card, live video, sports e-sports, fishing, and electronics; at the same time, we also provide a powerful background management system, customizable games, and a variety of games. Website visual templates, 24x7 uninterrupted technical support, 24/7 network protection, and native APP anti-hijacking.

Lottery White label Gambling

More than 10 years of lottery research and development experience, the most complete lottery games in the industry, with official lottery in multiple regions, eleven pick five, low frequency lottery, PK10, PC egg, Mark Six, fast three, etc., Keno lottery, etc., a total of more than 100 More than one kind of lottery games, direct selection, single, mixed, fun, dragon and tiger... etc., real-time lottery results, integrated services of query, trend and analysis, a total of thousands of lottery games, absolutely satisfying all kinds of lottery players preference

Southeast Asia White Label Gambling

Southeast Asian official lottery, stock lottery, independent lottery. The most complete market with diverse gameplay. Flexible control of independent lottery, and risk controllable. It has its own chat system, tutors bring orders, great gods fly orders, speculation groups, private groups, one-to-one, red envelopes and other functions are all available. The operation mode is flexible and changeable, the lottery system has been professional for 15 years, and the most comprehensive Southeast Asian popular games are all in TC-Gaming. TC-Gaming will become the strongest backing for you to enter the Southeast Asian market

Sports White Label Gambling

TC-Gaming White Label Gambling provides access to a variety of sports competitive games, with at least thousands of sports combined events per week, more than 60,000 unique events per month, and more than 60 different sports types (such as football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, cycling etc.), more than 1,000 types of betting, professional sports betting platform for players, is the best choice for your sports White Label Gambling. Powerful functions, easy-to-understand interface, simple operation platform, concise and clear league overview to meet the diverse choices of different players.

API game interface

TC-Gaming API will meet all your interface management needs. Each manufacturer has its own technology and docking method, and each docking has to take a certain amount of time to understand and arrange. Now, API has solved all the complicated connection problems. You only need to connect TC-Gaming API once, and you can have multiple game manufacturers and thousands of games. You can save more time to focus on other business promotion.

Chess Package Network

TC-Gaming chess and card white label gambling, all kinds of long-term popular chess and card games are available on TC-Gaming site. Chess and card games are also one of the topics that Southeast Asian players and domestic players are most concerned about, including the self-developed white label gambling native app, chess and card native app, chess and card game API, and access to many well-known brand game products in the world at the same time, with the rapid rise of chess and card games, switching from casual to real money game mode has become an indispensable part of the market.

More than 100 partners, 6000 games cooperates with major well-known game manufacturers, insists on providing high-quality services and the most popular game products, with a total of more than 1,000 games. After strict testing and screening by the TC-Gaming team, we ensure that the quality of each game can meet your expectations. We sincerely work with you to create a market and create maximum benefits together.

TCG System Unleash Your Team Energy

The purpose of technology is to solve problems, and has accumulated 15 years of technical strength. We have integrated various operational analysis reports to minimize the labor and time cost of your data statistics. Not only that, we also provide a large number of activities. Organize automated tools, use automated tools to greatly reduce the effectiveness of manual operations and statistical activities, and set up repetitive automated tasks within minutes, saving repetitive work time and allowing people to focus more on other important work.

Automated event hosting tools

No matter what kind of complex market activities and rules, we can achieve it through our automated activity tools, such as: registration, recharge, download, task, lottery, check-in, designated venues, etc. More than 10 types of activities only require an average of 4 steps. The setup can be completed.

Intelligent risk control monitoring

For more than ten years, the risk control R&D team of has been committed to solving the early warning mechanism of risk control. We hope to provide customers with more accurate and effective monitoring reports, all of which rely on processing, analyzing, and cognition of huge amounts of related data. Now, you can already use TC-Gaming intelligent risk control monitoring system to reduce the traditional risk control work that requires a lot of manpower and tedious monitoring and tracking work. intelligent upgrades.

Agent management system

Our agency system provides functions compatible with credit network agents and cash network agents. And it allows you to easily recruit and manage more agents. View agency information, level settings, and easily set up various agency commission systems, saving you a lot of time in registering agency conditions and designing agency systems.

Comprehensive platform report management

A good report design is not only about the amount of data presented, but also about the content of the data. From our experience over the past ten years, customers often spend a lot of time and cost in a bunch of huge reports just to get an analysis of a game's revenue. Through the visual and colorful interface design, you can find the key data at a glance, and provide a variety of query and filtering methods to facilitate viewing of the corresponding data and data, helping you to respond to the rapid changes in the market. Adjust operating strategies.

Highest Security Level

From the very beginning of service planning, information security must be considered. TC-Gaming control team brings together experienced financial risk control team elites at home and abroad. After more than ten years of accumulated experience, defending your network security has always been our most important thing with the most professional, scientific and rigorous information security prevention standards and methods task. information security team will fully defend your platform security. Our 7x24 non-stop real-time network monitoring, defense-grade firewalls and servers, update management and data backup, etc., can ensure that your platform is safe and sound.


7x24 dedicated monitoring


Multi-point cloud data


Suspicious Risk Warning


National Security Firewall


SSL encrypted certificate


Data encryption backup


Anti-DDoS attack

Friendly localization interface

Good user experience and high-end international design style have always been the core concepts pursued by's design team. treats every matter and detail with heart. The beautiful fruits produced by designers' countless brainstorms, we uphold "global thinking, localized design, professional technology, and innovative experience", so that you can directly stand on the shoulders of successful giants. takes technology as the guide, continuously promotes the application of advanced and applicable technologies, and promotes the growth of customers' business. cherishes every contact with you, and hopes to work side by side with you to achieve co-creation, co-operation and win-win.

Customized service

Want to create your own brand characteristics? Want to create a unique platform format? If you have such a demand, the TC-GAMING white label customization solution is definitely your first choice. According to different market demands, local designers of the country are invited to work together to design, presenting different national conditions and diversified designs, and tailor-made to create the most popular templates for local users.

10 minutes start

Start your business immediately, it only takes 10 minutes from your payment, you can immediately get your full-end gaming entertainment platform, and you don't need to wait to start immediately.


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